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Real Estate

Lord Breakspeare Callaghan, LLC provides the following tax and accounting solutions to real estate owners.

  • Entity selection and asset protection. We assist foreign buyers with the selection of their investment structures from the tax perspective by taking into consideration their overall situation and goals.
  • Financial statement preparation. We can provide our clients with financial statements that they can rely on to make their business decisions.
  • Tax return preparation. We will make sure that your whole structure (entity and individual) is in compliance with U.S. tax laws and regulations.
  • FIRPTA. We will guide our clients thru the intricacies of FIRPTA and its exceptions to make sure the correct amount or no amount of money is withheld at closing.
  • Sec 1031 Like-Kind Exchange. We will connect our clients with a qualified intermediary that will successfully complete the tax deferred exchange.


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